Content Protection

The need for security

Business models and usage cases for digital TV and movie content are evolving at an ever more rapid pace as user demands multiscreen consumption, OTT and ever higher definition content. At the same time the threat of piracy is as real, ongoing and persistent as ever. This threat, combined with these new methods of consuming media anywhere and on any device, it is ever more apparent to have a method for securing content that is flexible, scalable and future proof.

In a world where the opportunity to create greater revenue from TV and movie content gets more sophisticated and greater every year it is important for operators and service providers to be able to get access to the best premium content from studios and be able to focus on the services that their consumers are demanding.

GSiMedia Revenue Protect

GSiMedia Revenue Protect is the most cost-effective solution for securing your content and revenue over IPTV and OTT. It not only succeeds to secure all forms of content – payTV, movies, streaming and download – at its source on the server but also in the client with technology to monitor and update as new security threats arise, and new forms of content like 4K become widespread.

GSiMedia security can better protect your revenue from encryption and delivery to clients because it has solutions for both these areas; its own DRM and clients for Android, iOS, Windows and browser support. Providing solutions for both these key areas mean closer integration and less chance of security leaks. Security is further enhanced with our patent pending PSID secured SD card which delivers another layer of security and also gives you additional business models with the chance to save on the SD and watch on other platforms.

It is also a very open architecture meaning it can easily be scaled as your business grows and can be quickly integrated with your existing hardware and software systems. It is also compatible with a a range of STB including GSiMedia STB for the fastest and safest deployment.

GSiMedia's technology and implementation is market proven, but comes without the inflated costs and lock-ins embedded with large brands. As a young, hungry and passionate company dedicated to the multiscreen market, we understand the importance of forging a strong partnership with our customers, learning with them, and sharing in perfecting their services, satisfying their customers and building their revenue.

Strong Product Ecosystem

GSiMedia Revenue Protect is not only the best value solution for securing linear IPTV, it is part of a product portfolio that is at the cutting edge of maximizing revenue for all kinds of digital content.

GSi Multiscreen enables TV everywhere in response to demand from users to watch their favorite TV and movie content on their tablets, phones and computers – as well as their TV. It is a fully modularized solution that includes everything needed for a complete and fully secure multiscreen service, including: content and metadata handling; transcoding and encryption; workflow management; DRM; content delivery and multiscreen clients. It is extremely scalable and flexible.

GSi Digital Content Platform combines all the necessary technology and features to secure, deliver, manage, host and market your digital content – as well as using tiered and flexible subscription pricing so that you can start selling without prohibitive upfront costs.

It is suitable for small and medium sized players from either the movie, music or book industry – with features already modularized to suit the needs of your industry. It is extremely flexible and scalable so that it can grow with your business needs. You can upgrade your subscription package at any time, and ultimately, move to our enterprise business model at any stage with full business model and feature customization to suit your growth.

Strong Product Ecosystem

• Verified DRM able to protect any kind of content.
• Additional PSID secure SD card for additional protection
• Geo-restrictions.
• Easy integration with full APIs and SDKs.
• Streaming support HTTP Live Streaming (HLS) protocol
• Strong encryption using the robust AES-128 algorithm.
• Multiscreen protection includes: Video on demand; Catch-up TV and Live TV
• Exhaustive range of clients for multiscreen playback.
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