GSiMedia Ecommerce Digital Content Platform

Purchasing on the web is mature and trusted. Consumers online trends are towards boutique and small shops. For physical goods this has meant that many smaller companies have opened there own individual stores outside of the big ecommerce platforms, in doing so given themselves extra channels, localization benefits, and the ability to take advantage of new business models and more control of their brand. They have been able to do this because of the lower investment needed to create a webstore.

Understanding digital content sellers challenges

The digital content industry it is a different story as the major of small and medium size players find they have to sell their content through a limited number of huge platforms. The ebook market is dominated by 2 or 3 incredibly large platforms. And for movies the situation is even worse as small independent content owners find they often can't get a channel for their content, often having to distribute on YouTube for ad revenue only. Distribution on someone else's platform dilutes brand, restricts access to your customers, and limits your business model flexibility; creating your own webstore is often a complementary strategy to the large platforms because it allows you to develop a relationship with your customers and have more options in the face of changing price structures and rules from the large platforms.

Providing the right platform

The reasons are that digital content requires different technological solutions than the physical goods market: content has to be secured, able to be downloaded, streamed and played back – and content management systems adapted for digital content work flows including ingestion. Present physical goods ecommerce platforms may offer flexible subscription pricing, but lack security; secure solutions are prohibitive expensive for smaller players.

This is a lost opportunity for digital content owners especially as many have their own website and traffic meaning they are better positioned to take sell.

GSi Digital Content Platform

GSI Digital Content Platform combines all the necessary technology and features to secure, deliver, manage, host and market your digital content – as well as, tiered and flexible subscription pricing so that you can start selling without prohibitive upfront costs.

It is suitable for small and medium sized players from either the movie, music or book industry – with features already modularized to suit the needs of your industry. For example, at the ingestion stage handling book conversion to PDF and ePUb, or movie to MPEG4. It is extremely flexible and scalable so that it can grow with your business needs. You can upgrade your subscription package at any time, and ultimately, move to our enterprise business model at any stage with full business model and feature customization to suit your growth.

Our subscription model means a small independent book publisher, an owner of specialist video content - such as historical or fitness videos – can now monetize their following through other ways than just ads.


Content Management System
  • Revenue maximized through efficient automated management and innovative marketing tools.
  • Smarter work flow automation to better ingest, manage, monetize, encrypt, encode and playout.
  • Customized tools for ingesting movies, music or books.
  • Additional services and tools for PDF conversion and ePub.
  • Customizable templates to let you quickly create your store.
  • Innovative real-time consumer billing.
  • Graphical UI for better usability. Usability, graphical, media consumption
  • Tight social network integration.
  • Big data tools to learn more about your customers, personalize your service to them, and thus grow revenue
  • Quick time-to-market.
  • Seamless integration with 3rd parties.
  • Marketing tools - More easily and cost-effectively get extra channels for your content through powerful in-built tools that allow you to meet affiliates/resellers, communicate, and to then manage ownership, permissions, delivery, reporting of units sold and payments.
  • Distribution - For content owners who don't want to open their own shop, our distribution functionality solves that problem. Upload your content and then use our built in tools to meet sellers, negotiate and then give them permission to sell their content. You benefit because you only have to upload once and the system manages billing, delivery and security.
Innovative Billing
  • Quota, duration, stream, pay per view, download, and save to SD card.
  • Quota lets you pay by downloaded gigabytes.
  • Supports most key payment gateways and methods.
  • Integrated and consistent billing interface over different devices.
  • Verified DRM solution secures to the highest standards, gives you more control our content, scales easily thus enabling you to build a stronger brand and create more innovative services.
  • Additional PSID secure SD card for additional protection
  • Geo-restrictions.
  • Easy integration with full APIs and SDKs.
  • Streaming support HTTP Live Streaming (HLS) protocol
  • Strong encryption using the robust AES-128 algorithm.
  • Multiscreen protection includes: Video on demand; Catch-up TV, Live TV and premium content.
  • Ereader and movie client side applications are available for Windows, iOS, and Android among others, while playback has been enabled in Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Explorer.
  • Better branding with consistent user experience and support for: social network integration, ad platforms, recommendations, etc. through a scalable and open plug-in architecture.
  • Adaptive Bit Rate Streaming
  • Linear and on-demand
  • HTTP Live streaming (HLS)
  • MPEG-DASH Ready
  • Multi-audio and subtitles
  • API for integration
  • Cloud integration - pause a movie or song on one device and then continue to watch from the same place on another.
GSI Ecommerce Platform Benefits Summary
  • Whether you have video, music or book digital content it provides everything you need to set up and run your business while limiting initial costs.
  • Extremely scalable and flexible solution that utilizes the telecoms grade security, delivery and management capabilities of our GSI Multiscreen solution.
  • A number of subscription payment plans that will depend on how much storage you need, streaming bandwidth and customization. Each one easily upgradeable with no hidden costs as your business requires.
  • Additional distribution tools for content owners who just want to find service providers and resellers.
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