The GSiSD™ Memory Card

Consumers want to be able to consume their movies, books and music on the device of their choosing, whether it is phone, tablet, TV or computer; a reality proven by aggressive rolling out of multiscreen solutions by operators and service providers across the world. At the same time TV and movie content has moved to HD premium content and a 4K future is planned for not far off.

The challenge of premium content anywhere and anytime

This combination of higher definition, more valuable content and need to make that content available across more platforms and devices has resulted in a number of new challenges:

  1. Security – As content becomes more expensive to produce, both studios and then operators and content providers need to make sure it is protected to the highest possible standards at all points end users can get access.

  2. Costs and quality – In order to allow TV Everywhere streaming is essential and the core of how content will be consumed in the future. However, higher definition content requires more bandwidth putting strain on servers and budgets, while 3G networks don't often have the capacity to be able to deliver an always consistent playback experience everywhere.

GSiSD™ Memory Card

The The GSiSD™ Memory Card patent pending solution makes SD cards more secure and in doing so creates complementary business models and services for any multiscreen OTT solution. It preserves all the functionality of original SD cards with the added capability to lock encrypted files using the card’s unique PSID, rendering any file transferred or copied out of it to another storage medium completely inaccessible. It is more secure than other physical media like Bluray or DVD and is much more portable as phones, tablets, TVs and computers all support SD.

Improved end user services will attract more customers:

Revenue Opportunities:

Cost saving:


Usage Scenarios

  1. A users choice of devices is different at different times of day and in different scenarios.
  2. During the work week more likely to want to download and watch on a notebook.
  3. At the weekend away in the mountains or where coverage is not so great will just take a tablet.
  4. Back home in the evening wants to watch on a smartTV.
  5. GSISD allows this to happen easily through storage in one card.
  6. UPSELL – User already has the movie or TV show stored in a card and is happy. All he has to do is login his account and change the rental to a purchase.

It offers tremendous value to a range of different content sellers:

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