Company Introduction

Established in 2002 and headquartered in Neihu Software Park, Taipei, Taiwan, GSiMedia is a pioneer and leader in enabling the digital content industry. Recognizing the fundamental interests for companies and consumers in this area: companies want to be able to protect their content, and users want to be able to view their content whenever and wherever – GSiMedia was established with a vision was to reconcile those competing interests and facilitate healthy digital content business. From that vision was born GSiMedia's digital content platform that not only protects, but at the same time provides tools to make sure that secure content is available for consumption easily and conveniently in anyway the content seller believes can satisfy users and enhance his revenue.

Our platform has many unique features including expanding content security to SD cards, and was crafted to be more than just a DRM solution, in fact having all the necessary components for a content seller to start their business: online store software, content distribution, hosting, and even hardware for those looking to take their content to TVs and Kiosks.

GSiMedia's security is approved by Applied Communications Sciences and has many patents approved or in the pending stage. It also has many successful deployment cases including VNPT. In Vietnam and Taiwan Mobile.

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