GSiMedia Multiscreen Solution

The multiscreen opportunity

Multiscreen demand is real and upon us. TV viewers around the world are demanding to be able to watch their favorite TV and movie content on their tablets, phones and computers. It is the time of TV everywhere and whenever you want.

TV Everywhere Services

Viewers are not only demanding to watch TV on the device of their choosing whenever they want, they are also demanding to have more flexible ways to pay for that content, including: daily subscriptions, time and for type of content.

This new demand for different ways of buying content combined with the various consumption models – for example streaming, download, catch-up, start-over, VOD, pay TV – create tremendous opportunities for revenue growth.

The right partner

This is a new market with quickly evolving business models and customer preferences. It creates challenges on both a technical level and a service level that, unless done right, will influence your ability to create a solution that wows your customers. It is therefore important to not just have a solution partner that emphasizes its features, but also doesn't penalize you for wanting to adapt and improve your service.

GSi Multiscreen

GSI Multiscreen is the most cost-effective, secure, flexible and future proof solution for allowing operators, OTT service providers and content owners to take advantage of OTT and multiscreen revenue opportunities.

Our fully modularized solution covers all aspects needed for a complete and fully secure multiscreen service, including: content and metadata handling; transcoding and encryption; workflow management; DRM; content delivery and multiscreen clients. It is extremely scalable and flexible.

But, equally importantly, it comes with a promise of true partnership. GSIMedia's technology and implementation is market proven, but comes without the inflated costs and lock-ins embedded with large brands. As a young, hungry and passionate company dedicated to the multiscreen market, we understand the importance of forging a strong partnership with our customers, learning with them, and sharing in perfecting their services, satisfying their customers and building their revenue.


  • Verified DRM solution secures to the highest standards, gives you more control our content, scales easily thus enabling you to build a stronger brand and create more innovative services.
  • Additional PSID secure SD card for additional protection
  • Geo-restrictions.
  • Easy integration with full APIs and SDKs.
  • Streaming support HTTP Live Streaming (HLS) protocol
    Strong encryption using the robust AES-128 algorithm.
  • Multiscreen protection includes: Video on demand; Catch-up TV, Live TV and premium content.
  • Client side applications are available for Windows, iOS, and Android among others, while playback has been enabled in Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Explorer.
  • Better branding with consistent user experience and support for: social network integration, ad platforms, recommendations, etc. through a scalable and open plug-in architecture.
  • Adaptive Bit Rate Streaming
  • Linear and on-demand
  • HTTP Live streaming (HLS)
  • MPEG-DASH Ready
  • Multi-audio and subtitles
  • API for integration
  • Cloud integration - pause a movie or song on one device and then continue to watch from the same place on another.
Content Management System
  • Revenue maximized through efficient automated management and innovative marketing tools.
  • Smarter work flow automation to better ingest, manage, monetize, encrypt, encode and playout.
  • Innovative real-time consumer billing.
  • Graphical UI for better usability. Usability, graphical, media consumption
  • Tight social network integration.
  • Big data tools to learn more about your customers, personalize your service to them, and thus grow revenue
  • Quick time-to-market.
  • Seamless integration with 3rd parties.
  • Marketing tools - More easily and cost-effectively get extra channels for your content through powerful in-built tools that allow you to meet affiliates/resellers, communicate, and to then manage ownership, permissions, delivery, reporting of units sold and payments.
Innovative Billing
  • Quota, duration, stream, pay per view, download, and save to SD card.
  • Quota lets you pay by downloaded gigabytes.
  • Supports most key payment gateways and methods.
  • Integrated and consistent billing interface able to deliver real time over different devices.
  • APIs so you can easily brand and customize the billing process.
Complete modularized solution
Each of our models offer best in their class features, while together they reduce development and integration costs, offer better time-to-market and easier customization to create market differentiation options.
GSI Multiscreen Benefits Summary
  • Most cost effective, flexible and future proof solution for extending pay TV services to multiscreen and OTT.
  • Has everything to quickly start your OTT business: content and metadata handling; transcoding and encryption; workflow management; DRM; content delivery and multiscreen clients.
  • Easy to deploy, completely modularized, extremely scalable and flexible.
  • Built around concept of flexible service to allow client to respond quickly to new business models.
  • Reduces development and integration costs, offers better time-to-market and easier customization to create market differentiation options.
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